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Considering the dynamic environment in which our children are developing, our learning system is flexible and agile. Each child is special to us, and we value the strengths each child brings to the classroom. We concentrate on them as they develop motor skills and investigate how the world functions.

BibiNogs Preschool India stands out in early childhood education as an all-inclusive model fostering child growth. Our preschool was created out of love for nurturing young minds and has quickly established itself as a respected early learning provider. At our preschool, we believe children from ages 2-6 deserve safe environments that support learning while cultivating morals, character growth and cognitive capabilities - something we do very successfully!

To provide each kid with the total educational experience they deserve, our committed educators use cutting-edge teaching strategies that encourage creativity and curiosity while paying close attention to their unique potential. We passionately believe in the advantages of play-based learning, in which young children actively explore, discover, and develop crucial life skills. Our classrooms are buzzing environments full of dialogue, imagination, and a drive to learn.

The what, how, and when of learning remain incredibly flexible with the fluid learning methodology. It is a different approach to teaching that is more adaptive and goes beyond conventional learning.

The entry of numerous preschool franchises in India is being driven by the growing demand for expanding preschool education.

Preschool franchise business opportunities are expanding quickly. Women, especially those with children, view opening a franchise playschool as a fantastic opportunity. If you want to start a preschool franchise, BibiNogs is the best choice because It is one of the best preschool franchise in India.

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School Policy and Enrollment Terms

A country advances through education. A nation's social and cultural conditions can change as a result of improved education and understanding, in addition to its economic situation.

Best preschool chain in India

All parents are reminded that fees have to be paid in full by at least one week prior to the commencement of every new school term. The school reserves the right to refuse the admittance to children whose parents have fees still unpaid by the due date. Should this happen, the deposit will automatically be forfeited in consideration of insufficient withdrawal notice served and a letter of withdrawal will be presented to that parent.

At BibiNogs, we are firm believers that major change must begin at the grassroots level. We have started down the road of changing how kids feel about schools and education while continuing to hold the same belief.

The initial stages of education must be enjoyable and simple because education can be overwhelming as it is. Children under the age of three are naturally curious and enjoy activities that satisfy their curiosity. We became the best preschool chain in India thanks to our holistic approach to education and our attention to such small-to-big aspects relating to children and education.

Top preschool franchise in India

We would be happy to welcome you to our rapidly expanding franchise family of pre-schools, which includes facilities spread out across the length and breadth of the nation if you share our passion for holistic early education.

We are delighted that BibiNogs is now widely regarded as the "Top Preschool Franchise in India." We have dedicated our combined intellect, talents, and energies, as well as nearly two decades of experience, to making this dream a reality: providing young learners with a top-notch early-year developmental experience at centers of joy in India and abroad.

We look forward to partnering

You have the chance to go on a fulfilling road toward real success and honors at BibiNogs Preschool. We are seeking franchise partners who might join us as partners and launch the preschool industry with us.

The benefit of a franchise partnership is that you won't have to stress about obtaining accreditation, choosing a learning philosophy, or creating the curriculum. You'd get assistance with all of it from your franchise partners.

Now all you have to do is realize your ambition of opening an international preschool and giving gifted young children a top-notch education.

Bibinogs is Best Curriculum Preschool

A preschool is defined by its curriculum. Our preschool curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and adheres to the National Education Policy's guidelines, which distinguishes us from preschool chains.

Withdrawal notice period is different between the Playschool/ Enrichment and the Preschool/ Kindergarten programmes, due to the latter being longer duration and higher frequency classes:

It consists of three learning domains, specifically PSA, which stands for Prime, Specific, and Augmented domains. The physical, emotional, and social development of a child are the main areas of focus. BibiNogs is considered to be the best curriculum preschool in India.

Particular areas are focused on enhancing children's knowledge of particular subjects like math and literacy. The areas of super phonics, Writo, Mini Max, Bonjour, and kids yoga are highlighted by the augmented curriculum. Our primary goal is to provide every parent with a child who is educated.

We are aware that a child's environment has a significant impact on how they develop. The curriculum is designed with the necessary mental development of the child in mind, prioritizing the sharing of moral values in a social, interactive environment. The emphasis of the PSA is on providing this setting for a child's cognitive and emotional growth.

Preschool Franchise India

Every generation has witnessed the impact that education can have. The only power that cannot be removed is that of education. Like businesses attract customers, schools attract students by providing excellent instruction. In India, it can be extremely profitable to open up a reputable preschool or play school franchise.

It is interesting to note that starting a preschool business can be profitable not only in India but also in other nations. Everywhere in the world, education is a sector that is highly valued. The main advantage of starting a preschool franchise in India is that you will never run out of money.

One of the world's most educated populations is considered to be an Indian. The effectiveness of the education provided by reputable schools is the basic explanation. Opening a preschool franchise or any other type of franchise is most profitable. After the healthcare sector, the education sector is thought to be the second most lucrative business sector.

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We are committed to developing outstanding entrepreneurs, Whether it is your first business venture or an existing pre-school that you intend to renovate and revitalize, we offer end-to-end pre and post-launch support for all of our prospective franchisee partners. Along with a carefully curated selection of support options, we also provide exciting kick starter packages to help you ease into your dream endeavor.

To connect with us and learn more about the exciting opportunities we have in store for you, please call 91-911-711-1124 if you are passionate about education, love working with kids, and want to make a difference.



Minimum Requirement

3000 Sq.ft of Space (Approx) | 15-20 Lacs Investment*

Bibinogs is a specialist bilingual and English Language preschool. Our proprietary Bibinogs BE curriculum brings contexts and life experiences in a fun and engaging manner in our bilingual and fully immersive classrooms to help our children make sense of the world around them.


BibiNogs offers local and international franchising opportunities. If you believe in BibiNogs’ values, curriculum and approaches, and share our passion in providing high quality early childhood education to all children, join the BibiNogs family as a franchisee!

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